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Measuring equipment

1. BIOGAS-CONSULT company is partner of British company Gas Data Ltd which is manufacturer of equipment for monitoring and analyzing quality and quantity of gas. Gas Data Ltd has more than 20 years of successful experience in development and implementation of gas analytics systems.
One of company's products is portable gas analyzer "GFM 406", which solves tasks of operational monitoring during operation on biogas plants:- Individual measurements gas composition in each bioreactor;- Evaluation quality of desulphurisation equipment;- Risk assessment of gas leaks and explosions.
 he manufacturer provides infrared channels for analyzing methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as electrochemical channels for analyzing oxygen (O2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Gas analyzer is equipped with protective hydrophobic filters from moisture. The device is capable of operating in wide ranges of temperature and pressure.
2. BIOGAS-CONSULT company is partner of German company PRONOVA Analysentechnik GmbH. PRONOVA is a developer and manufacturer of analytical systems, laboratory equipment, analyzers and sensors, as well as components for gas analysis and gas alarm devices.
One of the company's products is stationary gas analyzer SSM 6000 Classic, which solves the problem of uninterrupted monitoring of the composition of biogas in the operation of biogas stations.
The SSM 6000 product line was designed specifically for analysing biogenic processes, such as gases from biogas facilities, sewage gas or landfill gas. It is designed to fit the requirements of periodic process inspections directly at the facility or plant. It takes advantage of well-proven sensor technology that has been specially selected for the relevant gases: methane, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
Additional features enhance the quality of the measurements and allow the devices to be configured for specific circumstances. The analysis is fully automatic and can be carried out at variable time intervals (e.g, every eight hours). It is also possible to continually record the component gases, with the exception of hydrogen sulphide. The SSM 6000 has a clear display and is easy to use. It features a data memory with a history function that records the specific time for all measured values.

Description of proposed measuring devices

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