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Barrels for liquid fertilizers

Solution for the use of liquid fertilizers and digestate


Barrels for liquid fertilizers and BAUER digestate with a capacity of 6,000 to 26,000 liters. High performance - low dead weight.

Available models (maximum available power in this model, depending on the configuration):

Single axle barrels - Poly 60+EA (up to 6.000l), Poly 81+EA (up to 8.700l), Poly 111+EA (up to 11.100l)

Double axle barrels: Poly 60+ (up to 6,000 l), Poly 81+ (up to 8,700 l), Poly 111+ (up to 11,100 l), Poly 131+ (up to 13,100 l), Poly 141+ (up to 14,700 l), Poly 161+ (up to 16,080 l), Poly 191+ (up to 19,100 l), Poly 207+ (up to 20,700 l)

Triaxial barrels: Poly 241+ (up to 24,100 l), Poly 260+ (up to 26,000 l)

Each BAUER barrel is equipped with a double-acting 3-way hydraulic valve that controls the slurry filling reliably and reliably.

Most BAUER tankers are equipped with screw pumps, characterized by:

- Significantly longer service life

- high resistance to impurities in the pumped liquid (stone separator),

- the ability to absorb liquids with a high solids content,

increase pump efficiency by increasing the speed of the tractor,

- the possibility of suction of the pumped liquid from deep tanks and channels.

BAUER offers filling systems such as:

- standard-mounted slurry spreader spreading liquid over a width of 12 to 18 m

- double spreading beam distributing liquid up to 27 m wide,

- bucket applicators with working width from 9 to 36 m

- soil applicators with working width up to 6.8 m.

Applicators have a strong, stable design. Each model has a protection to prevent dripping of slurry residue after use. The undoubted advantage of these devices is the accurate dosing of slurry in the field and a significant reduction in its unpleasant odor. BAUER slurry tanks are made to order. They are made from the best materials and with care for the highest quality of the product.


The barrel for manure liquid fertilizer or digestate has a hot-dip galvanized steel tank with internal reinforcing rings and breakwaters.


- pumping of liquid waste, slurry, municipal sewage

- transportation and spreading over fields and pastures

- watering, spraying and fertilizing crops

- transportation of water to construction sites and roads



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