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Anaerobic microbial degradation of organic substances in biogas facilities produces not only the principal components methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), but also hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Among other things, the hydrogen sulfide concentration in the biogas is dependent on the substrates used, and can range from a few ppm in facilities processing renewable resources to several thousand ppm when fermenting liquid manure, biological waste and food remains.
H2S this is a highly corrosive gas. Sulfur dioxide causes rapid overacidification of the engine oils during combustion in the gas engine. This results in increased wear, frequent bearing damage, higher consumable costs and longer plant downtimes.Moreover, being a catalyst poison, hydrogen sulfide leads to the inactivation of oxidation catalysts. Sulfur contained in the combustion offgas is bound in the catalyst, thus blocking the reactions that should actually take place. 
For reliable and trouble free operation CHP unit, it is necessary to do desulfurization. For this purpose, activated carbon system is ideal. 
BIOGAS-CONSULT company is exclusive official partner of CPL Activated Carbons in Ukraine. CPL Activated Carbons is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of activated carbons and related services for a wide range of industrial purification applications. As well as a broad range of activated carbon products, CPL also regenerate your spent carbons at state-of-the art reactivation facility in the UK. Range of services include a large fleet of mobile carbon filter vessels, on-site carbon installation and changeout services, together with engineering and R&D support.
For the biogas industry, activated carbon system can help cleaning biogas from following impurities:- hydrogen sulfide;- siloxanes;- mercaptans;- volatile organic compounds.
In addition, CPL company offers ready-made fillers (tanks) for activated carbon. This will help as quickly as possible to replace the activated carbon, reduce shutdown time of the biogas plant, improve service, ect.


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