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Bauer separators


Separator S 650/S 850
Economical use of slurry using new technologies
Farms with a large concentration of animals face great problems due to the large amount of slurry. This is especially true for farms with a high level of livestock per unit area. Existing legal requirements exacerbate the situation. For this reason, manure must be properly handled. Traditional slurry treatment methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive and require huge investments.
Separator BAUER turns slurry into valuable fertilizer.
Fully automatic separation, i.e. separation of the suspension into liquid and solid fractions, offers great advantages. The remaining aqueous solution can be redistributed at any time without any complicated homogenization techniques. The odorless solid fraction is easily stored without problems.
Liquid fraction:
- Slurry amount reduced from 15% to 30%
- This means less storage space and less transport
- Separated manure is no longer sludge and floating crust - does not require mixing before distribution
- Low losses of nitrogen during storage and sale due to the removal of solid particles and carbon
- Significantly limited odor
- More accurate nutrient analysis allows time to decompose
- Lower nutrient concentration allows more use per hectare compared to raw sludge
- Much better infiltration of these nutrients ensures faster absorption and crop damage is minimized
- Longer distribution period as general use is possible
- Simple and efficient distribution system
- Low power consumption for pumping and delivery
- Significant reduction in the amount of weed seeds (especially sorrel) in the liquid fraction

Fixed faction:
- Self-fertilizing compost, odorless, stackable,
- High level of hardness allows storage without any special rules
- Improves soil composition and increases humus content
- Dry matter content of 30% or higher allows outdoor composting
- In addition to agricultural areas, also suitable for other applications where nutrients are required
- Easy to transport and sell
- Reusable for layering

Separator S 650 S 850
- cattle slurry 20 m3/h 30 m3/h
- pig manure 25m3/h 35m3/h
- bird droppings 10 m3/h 15 m3/h
- Productivity depends on the storage time, drying of the substance and the viscosity of the raw pulp

Examples:- Food industry - separation of vegetable waste
- Slaughterhouses - processing of slaughterhouse waste
- Pharmaceutical industry - separation of gruel from poppy seeds
- Biogas industrial plants - before and after fermentation
- Distilleries.

Advantages:- The amount of waste is significantly reduced
- Liquid fraction suitable for wastewater
- Minimal odor
- It is possible to reuse the solid fraction as animal feed or fertilizer.


Bauer S650_S850


Bauer S655_S855


FAN Separators


FAN PSS Separator
• FAN PSS works with both thick (20% dry matter) and liquid liquids (up to 0.1% dry matter)• Dry matter content of separated solids can be adjusted from 25% to 55%, depending on application and model
• High efficiency and production of very dry solids
• Easy to use, no special training required
• Very low power consumption
• FAN PSS is equipped with a patented oscillator for improved efficiency and separation
• Main components are made of stainless steel
• Cage screw hardened for long life
• Cast iron or stainless steel body
• The sieve is constantly cleaned by the auger due to the tight fit
• The separator can be additionally equipped with a washing device inside the housing

The separator can be fed by a pump, by gravity from a tank or directly from a feed hopper. The choice of the optimal method depends on the consistency of the material and building conditions. Inside the groove, a patented oscillator causes the material to vibrate. As a result, we get more efficiency and a better separation, especially with sticky materials. The sieve separates the fibrous material from the liquid. It creates a so-called filter layer that improves the performance of the machine. The screw conveys the separated solids towards the outlet. The original filter layer is removed and a new one is formed. The design of the sieve prevents clogging of the slots. The pressure in the first part of the sieve is low, but increases towards the exit due to the increase in the density of the material. The friction of the dehydrated mass at the rear and the resistance of the double pressure valve at the outlet causes dehydration of the feed product. The dry matter content can be adjusted by the number and position of the weights on the damper blades (patented capacity controller).

Thanks to the separation of solid and liquid fractions from various types of pulp, we obtain:
• Sound and vibration reduction
• Odor reduction
• Use of solid fraction as a substrate
• Use of the liquid fraction for flushing
• Tank cleaning
• Dry matter composting
• Possibility of further use of slurry




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