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Wangen pumps equipment 


BIOGAS-CONSULT company is exclusive official partner of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH in Ukraine. Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH is world leader in manufacture of pumping equipment, developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality volumetric pumps for industrial applications.
WANGEN PUMPEN is a mechanical engineering company and provider of high-quality displacement pumps for industrial applications. The extensive product range includes eccentric screw pumps and screw pumps for a wide range of industries, e.g. for pharmaceutical, food and beverage production, shipbuilding, the environment, biogas/anaerobic digestion and agricultural equipment, as well as the chemical, paper and cosmetic industries.Since it was founded in 1969, WANGEN pumps has evolved continuously from a craft operation to a medium-sized company with more than 200 employees.The pumps from WANGEN enjoy the highest reputation thanks to our consistent focus on market and customer requirements – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Wangen most sought products for biogas


PTO pumps A, GL-S, GL-F
for reliably pumping agricultural materials. They have a free shaft end and can be powered directly from a vehicle, such as a tractor. Flowrate up to 470 m³/h, Differential pressure up to 16 bar, High solids content up to 15%.

Self priming pumps KL-S
for pumping flowable thin sludge,excess sludge and mechanically thickened sludge containing up to 10% dry matter. Available in cast iron as well as stainless steel. Flowrates up to 560 m³/h, Differential pressure up to 48 bar, Viscosity up to 200,000 mPa·s.

KL-S Pump - Wangen top selling Model


Hopper feed pumps KL-R BIO-MIX
for effectively introducing fermenting substrates into a biogas plant. Hopper and screw are available in steel or stainless steel. Flowrates up to 150 m³/h, Differential pressure up to 48 bar, High solids content up to 45%.

Self priming pumps BIO-FEED with X-LIFT quick change system
Combines liquid feeding with screw technology directly at the solids dispenser. With four DN150 connections and a DN400 connection. The X-LIFT quick change system enables easy replacement of the wearing parts. Flowrates up to 50 m³/h, Differential pressure up to 6 bar, High solids content up to 15%

Immersion pumps KL-T
for pumping highly viscous liquids from basins and tanks. Available in cast iron as well as stainless steel. Flowrate up to 525 m³/h, Differential pressure up to 12 bar, Viscosity up to 200,000 mPa·s.

Debris removal (X-TRACT) and substrate cutting (X-CUT): The modular system for reliable protection of plant equipment. Maximum capacity: 1,250 m³/h or 347 l/sec.

The Wangen pump factory has been producing progressing cavity pumps for this branch of industry right from the very start and is a member of the German Biogas Association.

Wangen technology in biogas production


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Products Overview of Wangen

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WANGEN BIO-MIX pump for anaerobic digestion substrates




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