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Feeding equipment

BIOGAS-CONSULT company is partner of Austrian company BioG GmbH - manufacturer feeding and harvesting equipment for anaerobic digestion.
Feeding equipment
The BIOFEEDER is a unique and innovative feeding system, which transports long-fiber and unevenly structured materials such as straw, manure or catch crops into the conveyor without clogging or bridging due to the intelligent interaction of the conveyor motors. An OPTIFEED control system reacts to different structures and thus allows the problem-free use of biogenic residues and waste materials.
Perfect mixing of componentsDue to the well thought-out arrangement of the screws, a mixing effect is achieved in the immediate removal area of the storage container. The following fermenter or pump technology is continuously fed with several different substrates at the same time. As a standard, all substrate carrying parts of the BIOFEEDER and the other conveying elements or screw conveyors are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
Durability of the biogas feeding systemThe walls of the BIOFEEDER are batten with phenolic resin-coated multilayer composite panels or optionally with polyethylene or stainless steel. Due to the feeding concept, the BIOFEEDER moves the material to the dosing unit with a minimum energy consumption. The possibility to reverse the feed direction of the BIOFEEDER and to control it in the opposite direction is what makes the solution unique.
Individual modelsThis feeding technique is offered with a capacity of 12 to 240 m³. Of course, the feeding technology is individually adapted to each biogas plant.

COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION: Reception and transportation of biomass + grinding of biomass + feeding of bioreactors

Harvesting equipment

Efficient and powerful harvesting of field residues - this is BIOCHIPPER!

The BIOCHIPPER developed by BIOG, a mulch concept with swath consolidation enables the harvesting of field residues such as corn straw, rapeseed straw, grain straw, catch crops and landscaping materials. The operations of suctioning, chopping and swathing are carried out in a single step.

The BIOCHIPPER combines the organic matter into a swath and enables its harvesting by a loader wagon or shredder. This allows for an efficient use of field residues. In addition to the removal of field residues, positive side effects such as active pest reduction, reduced fungal contamination of the succeeding crops and better nutrient management are also achieved.

The BIOCHIPPER is available from 3 to 6 meters, so that a swath distance of up to 12 meters can be achieved when driving on the opposite side.

- Can be used after each harvesting
- Low degree of contamination
- Material pick-up without ground contact
- Stubble reduction
- Only one drive necessary
- Easy transport with a pick-up


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