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Gas analyzers

BIOGAS-CONSULT company is partner of British company Gas Data Ltd which is manufacturer of equipment for monitoring and analyzing quality and quantity of gas. Gas Data Ltd has more than 20 years of successful experience in development and implementation of gas analytics systems.

Portable gas analyzer GFM 406The GFM 406 is an instrument designed for a variety of applications. It is fully configurable to each client’s requirements, making it a uniquely versatile instrument. Gas Data’s software and hardware present clients with a wide range of gas analysis options.
This instrument provides pressure measurements across three reference points: Atmospheric; Static (Gauge); Differential. The velocity of the gas within a pipe can be captured using an optional vane anemometer.
It can be configured with infra-red channels for CH4 and CO2 analysis – with an optional LEL expansion – alongside up to four electro-chemical cells to measure any combination of O2, CO, H2S, H2, or hydrocarbons.


Portable gas analyzer GFM 426The GFM 426 offers fast and accurate measurements of gas output, pressure, and wellhead-gas flow rate. It measures 5 gases, using a combination of IR and EC channels alongside providing pressure measurements, through a second sample tube, across three reference points: Atmospheric; Static (Gauge); Differential.

The GFM 426 contains data-logging functions, is lightweight, uses a clear backlit LCD display and runs for 8 hours on a single charge.

This instrument is delivered in a carry case which includes: battery charger; USB cable; instrument spares.

Optional extras to measure velocity and temperature are available.


Portable gas analyzer GFM 436The GFM 436 is an ATEX accredited instrument for site investigation, landfill gas control, and environmental regulation compliance monitoring. It is a fixed configuration, measuring the proportions of methane (by both volume and Lower Explosive Limit), carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide in soil gas present in greenfield and brownfield sites, as well as land affected by landfill operations or other industrial contamination.

Additionally, hexane content can be measured to assist in areas with hydrocarbon vapours from spilt fuels, oils or other contaminants. This instrument has the additional capacity to measure gas pressure (differential and static) and flow rate (instantaneous and peak).

An optional temperature sensor can be plugged in for gas temperature measurements or, alternatively, a vane anemometer can be attached to measure the velocity in a gas extraction system 


Portable gas flow meter GFM 610The GFM 610 portable gas flow meter offers gas flow and pressure measurements for a number of environmental applications. It is ideal for use on perimeter boreholes on landfill sites and contaminated land redevelopments.

This instrument is able to measure the flow of any gas, showing the results on a high-contrast LCD display. An optional vane anemometer is also available to measure the velocity of the measured gas.


Portable carbon dioxide detector GFM 226The GFM 226 is a portable carbon dioxide detector, developed for locating hiding, or trapped, people in confined spaces. It detects elevated levels of CO2, and reduced levels of O2, by analysing the air in a confined space.

Designed to be both lightweight and portable, the GFM 226 is used worldwide in security, transport, and search and rescue applications.

Specialist Gas Data probes can be attached to the instrument, allowing measurements to be taken in locations that the user cannot reach, or where there are safety concerns. The back-lit screen allows for operation in poor light conditions and the long battery life means detailed carbon dioxide monitoring can take place over an extended period.

The GFM 226 is simple to start up and easy to use. With this unit, analysis begins immediately upon deployment.


Biogas Click! System PLM 54The Biogas Click! System is a fixed gas analyser, configured specifically for biogas sites.

Developed to measure the gas output from anaerobic digestion, this system was originally sold to farm owners who had newly fitted biogas sites. The Biogas Click! System is configured to measure methane and hydrogen sulphide from a single sample point.

Data is stored on an SD card for easy transfer to a PC for further analysis.


Click! System PLM 64Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Gas Data Click! System is a fixed gas analyser with the capability to analyse a range of gases, from multiple points, on a single site. Any configuration of gases, according to the client’s specifications, can be built.

Modular build construction
All working parts within the Click! System have their own module, which allows modification and maintenance to be carried out easily and quickly. This minimises plant downtime and reduces operational cost compared to traditional systems.

Data Network Connections
The Click! System can support all common industrial network standards, including PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCPIP. The system offers a range of analogue and digital output signals to support a variety of control systems and applications. These implementations might include dosing systems, configuration of combined heat and power engines, or triggering system alarms.

Remote Monitoring
The Click! System’s monitoring feature allows users to log specific gas measurements from any location. The same network connection allows our technical team to perform maintenance checks, configure firmware updates and highlight faults remotely.

Click the links for a Click! system that is specifically tailored to Biogas or Syngas.


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