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Justification for construction of biogas plant

Before starting implementation of biogas project, it is important to have clear and independent assessment, giving an objective condition for investment. The customer must clearly understand whether biogas project is profitable for him or not.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company is competent to make a comprehensive assessment based on current state of biogas energy market, which includes such questions as:
- analysis of needs and interests of Customer in the biogas project;
- selection of site for construction of biogas plant;
- analysis of service providers and equipment for biogas market;
- technological solution concept of future biogas plant;
- analysis of profitability and cost of biogas project;
- analysis of feasibility of biogas project;
- analysis of investment interest of biogas project;
- planning the stage of obtaining permits in implementation of biogas project;
- stages planning of biogas project;
- planning of construction work on biogas plant;
- requirements for infrastructure;
- commissioning and receive to expect results.


Technological expertise of biogas plant

Common cases during operation of biogas plants are deviations in working which related to:
 - insufficient production of biogas;
- underdevelopment of active microflora for anaerobic fermentation;
- inhibition of biological process;
- not effective use of technological equipment;
- incorrect calculation;
- incorrect construction;
- not high-quality or bad engineering, etc.

This requires rapid response with clear confirmation of expert assessment.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers its services in preparation of technical and economic expertise of biogas plants.
This implies arrival of our specialists on biogas plant site for purpose of technological inspection, collection of operation data, technical and analytical information, rapid analysis of state of biological processes on current biogas plant.
The final product - detailed report about state of biogas plant, conclusions, indicating causal relationships.


Develop of biological start (restart) program for biogas plant

The key to successful working of any biogas plant is development of specialized microflora within bioreactor.
In order to obtain optimal biological processes which need for effective lives of methanogenesis, special conditions must be implemented for sensitivity, stability and cyclical biology. This is required in advance planning of raw materials, tools, special equipment and time.

BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers its services in the develop of program for biological start-up (or restart) including the next flows: biomass, biogas, electricity, heat, technological and production parameters.


Laboratory and analytical control of state of technological process in biogas production

The key to successful uninterrupted operation of biogas plant is round-the-clock monitoring of status of technology parameters that qualitatively and quantitatively describe state of anaerobic fermentation.
Among many parameters, special importance have follow:- FOS/TAC ratio, РН;- N-NH4;- Total VFA (acetic equivalent);- DM, ODM;- N, P, K, trace elements;- N:C ratio;- Viscosity and Density of digestate;- Organic concentration;- Biogas yield potential (biogas nm3/t);- Qualitative and quantitative composition of biogas.


BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers its services in this direction in following options:а) Optimized selection of measurement methods for technological parameters of anaerobic fermentation with detailed interpretation of results which obtained for specific biogas plant with corresponding biomass (in form of training manual with methodological recommendations);b) Implementation express analysis of basic laboratory parameters directly at Customer biogas plant site and make conclusion on current state of technological process and recommendation;c) Comprehensive laboratory physicochemical assessment of Customer biomass for use in biogas plant with expert recommendation. We take samples from Customer and do analyzes in our laboratory;d) Making biogas yield potential test of Customer biomass in our laboratory.

Remote technological support of biogas plant

Operation managing of biogas plant requires depp knowledge of technology process, describing of methanogenesis, technological tactics, frequent monitoring and operational decisions.The market of specialists in t biogas production field by anaerobic fermentation is limited while increasing quantity of biogas plants in Ukraine and other world. Novadays, there is no centralized training of specialists in Ukraine for biogas industry. Training on-site requires some investment, patience, time, which is associated with many risks.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers its services in technological support and monitoring of boigas plant. We offer - advice, recommendations, calculations, management of biogas plant in off-line. Possible periodic visits to biogas plant site.


Develop of manual for biogas plant operation

For stable and efficient operation of biogas plant, it is necessary to follow clear rules for operation, monitoring, maintenance of industrial equipment, operational calculations and especially safety precautions.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers its services for development of comprehensive document (manual) on operation of biogas plant, which usually includes the following sections:
- decribing technology;
- purpose and operation equipment;
- techcnical safety and explosion safety;
- biological start (restart) process;
- features of operation for each unit;
- possible malfunctions and their elimination;
- laboratory analytics and its interpretation;
- basic calculations.

The final product is printed and electronic version of document with stipulated guarantees.


Home mini-biogas plants for your home

BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers rational solution for waste utilisation and reducing utility costs (gas, heat, electricity). We offer mini biogas plants (1-10 kWh, 0.5 - 5 Nm3/h of biogas).
For processing into biogas, any waste containing organic carbon will be suitable: kitchen waste, food debris, manure of livestock or poultry, human feces, organic wastewater, some weed vegetation, fodder and other agricultural crops.
To organize home mini biogas plant, you need little space and possibility of centralized waste collection.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company offers services: equipment supply, assembly, commissioning.


Training for biogas plants operators

The operation of biogas plants requires sufficient knowledge in biogas industry, clear understanding of targets and goals, logical and rational decision-making during changes in biogas production processes.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company can provide operator training including following units:
- Safe working on biogas plants objects. Conception of explosion safety on biogas plants;
- Basics of anaerobic fermentation for biogas production;
- Used biomass and features of its preparation for processing into biogas;
- Variety of technological equipment;
- Basic technological, technical and environmental calculations;
- Laboratory and analytical control, result interpretation;
- Features of automation and data collection for operation of biogas plants;
- Preparation of biogas for use (sulfur removal, moisture removal, etc.);
- Use of digestate after fermentation;
- Practical advice and successful experience.


Technological solution offer

Right technology select - more than 50% success for planned biogas plant. Diversity of biomass, its qualitative and quantitative composition, climatic conditions, necessary effective time for digestion, retention time, quality of mixing, sanitary and hygienic requirements, environmental requirements and much more are factors which depend formulation of technological concept.
BIOGAS-CONSULT company basis on your initial data, can offer technological concept and solutions that rationally fits in with your needs.


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