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BIOGAS-CONSULT company brings to your attention laboratory titrator Pronova 2000 is used for automatically measuring the FOS/TAC content at biogas facilities. Facility operators can use this automatic titrator to determine the FOS/TAC content. It is easy to use and delivers a high level of repeatable accuracy. The fully automatic system helps to significantly reduce operational errors. This is important since current results must always be evaluated in comparison to the previous results.
The crucial parameter for assessing the fermentation process is the ratio of volatile organic acids (FOS) and the capability of the fermentation substrate to neutralise acid formation, i.e. the buffer capacity (TAC). TAC means “Total Anorganic Carbon” and corresponds to the equivalent of all the buffer substances contained in the substrate. A rising FOS/TAC ratio means the risk of acidification of the fermenter substrate. Controlling the pH alone is often not sufficient, so that it is important to be able to determine the FOS/TAC values. The relatively simple FOS/TAC analysis enables the early detection of beginning acidification and its avoidance by suitable counter-measures.
The equipment user can use the FOS/TAC 2000 in order to perform the FOS/TAC analysis on his own. The fully automatic system reduces operator errors to a minimum and enables a high repeatability rate. This is important because the most recent result must always be evaluated in light of the previous results. 5 g of fermenter filtrate is necessary for the analysis and must be diluted to 20 g with distilled water. The subsequent titration process is fully automatic. The results for total acids (FOS), the buffer capacity (TAC) and the FOS/TAC value are displayed after a few minutes. The benefits of using the small, compact lab at the biogas plant are obvious: Analyses can be performed more frequently than before. Furthermore, the results are immediately available.

Measuring parameters: FOS/TAC
Design: portable steel sheet enclosure
Display: two-line LC display (pH and temperature)
four-line LC display (FOS, TAC und FOS/TAC)
Measuring principle: pH measurement
Precision: ± 0,01 pH
Measuring ranges: FOS: 1 to 10 g of organic acids per /kg of substrate
TAC : 5 to 20 g of CaCO3 per /kg of substrate
FOS/TAC: 0.05 to 2
Equipment storage temperature: +5 °C to + 50 °C
Equipment operating temperature: + 10 °C to + 45 °C
Amount offer sample: appr. 5 g of filtrate
Dimensions: appr. 405 x 290 x 160 mm (BxHxT)
Weight: appr. 7.5 kg

Description Pronova 2000

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